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Central University of Technology



Bloenfontein,Free State, South Africa



Rangith Baby Kuriakose


How would you describe your PBL?

Students are given a control systems project which needs to be completed in 3 months. They are given the necessary software platforms and hardware required to complete the project. A checkpoint is created to asses student progress and provide feedback. At the end of the work, the students need to make a 15 minute presentation with a demonstration of the completed project.

What is most important to your PBL?


How is PBL implemented?

PBL is incorporated into the group work element of the 4th semester National Diploma course

How do students acquire principles of discipline?

Students start by using MATLAB On ramp to gather basic information about the software. They are then taught Control Systems in their theory class. They incorporate the theory learned in the class with the practical work in the lab. Once the lecturer feels they have acquired enough expertise, they are split into groups and given a project. The students need to engage in deep learning to infuse their theory knowledge with their practical work. I doing so, they learn a acquire knowledge in their discipline.

How is student learning facilitated within PBL?

The project duration is 3 months. There will be feedback sessions every two weeks to ascertain the progress of students. Advice will be given to students on improving their project and what could be possible problems.

Program Overview

Institution Type:


Degree Type:

ISCED 5: Short-cycle tertiary education (Associate's or equivalent)

Program Length:

Semesters in which PBL is Used:

Semester 4

Hours per week on Project:


PBL Overview

Problem structure:

Moderately structured

Formulation of problems:

An industry partner is the moderator for the course. The project is designed by the lecturer with input from the industry partners

Team composition selection:

Student choice

Projects assigned by:

Academic staff

How is space dedicated to student teams for problem/project completion?

Space available, but not dedicated nor reservable

Degree of Interdisciplinarity:


Role of instructor:


Unique Features

Direct industry input

Tackling industry related problems

Industry involved in assessment/moderation

Assessment Methods

Classroom Presentations



How assessment is implemented :

Individual and group assessments are done to evaluate the contribution of each member and the overall knowledge of the project